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Compressor ProjectOver the years, Onsite has provided a variety of energy services to meet its customers’ changing needs. We have become so good at providing these services, we provide a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON PROJECT SAVINGS. Terms of the guarantee will vary but you can always count on a substantial guarantee when you use Onsite.


Energy Project Services

  • Feasibility Studies provide the first step in identifying the financially feasible cost reduction measures and the plan of action for implementing them. Onsite provides these studies, in many cases, at no cost to you.
  • Experienced Engineering services are critical to insuring that any energy project will achieve the maximum savings for the investment. Onsite has over 25 years in energy efficient systems designs.
  • Project Implementation consists of the proper installation, construction and commissioning. Onsite becomes your project manager and licensed general contractor to manage all phases of project implementation. Onsite’s experience insures that your project will be on-time and on-budget.
  • Project Savings Verification services enable you see the savings being generated by your energy project and take corrective action if necessary to insure anticipated savings are being achieved. Onsite’s goal is to insure that every project we implement shows the verified savings to make the project successful.
  • Incentive Procurement services include the identification and administration of cash rebate and incentive programs available to your business. By using Onsite to manage this process, you are hiring an expert that can select and negotiate the maximum incentive rebates for your business.

New Services

  • Energy Information Services are fast becoming a significant part of the business information picture. As energy costs increase new information technologies are being developed to more effectively manage them. Onsite has been a pioneer in this field and can provide the technology and expertise to install the most advanced and effective real-time, Internet based energy monitoring and analysis tools to support Six-S, TQM and Continuous Improvement programs.
  • Demand Response Services are for those businesses that can participate in the lucrative and fast growing area of demand response. Utilities are authorizing significant incentives to businesses that can reduce their electric demand during time of critical grid shortage. Onsite is a pioneer in this field and can provide full turnkey demand response support.



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