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  • To Provide Our Large Industrial Energy Consumers With Effective Energy Cost Management Services Aimed at Improving The Bottom Line


  • Dedicated Service to Our Customers
  • Growth, Challenge and Honesty for Our Employees
  • A Fair Rate of Return and Corporate Responsibility for Our Investors
  • Fair and Honest Terms with Our Suppliers
  • Positive Commitment to Our Communities


  • 1982–1993 - Onsite Energy Corporation (“Onsite”) was founded in 1982 by Richard T. Sperberg to provide energy services to customers. Initially, Onsite concentrated on small cogeneration projects and later expanded into a full-service energy service company with an emphasis on energy efficiency and distributed generation for commercial and industrial customers. At the end of this period, Onsite went public through a reverse merger. Proceeds from the merger were used to expand operations and fund acquisition
  • 1993-2000 - Onsite continued to raise funding to finance acquisitions. At the height of this activity, Onsite owned operations stretching from New Jersey to Hawaii. The Company’s energy project focus was in the highly competitive public, government and commercial markets.
  • 2000-2006 – Onsite develops expertise in the more profitable industrial energy service market. Onsite also signs several strategic contracts with California utilities to develop energy efficiency within the utility service territory. Onsite also regroups its operations during this period to focus on California Energy users.
  • 2007-2009 – Onsite develops its market for industrial sector energy efficiency projects through its Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs with Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric.
  • Onsite’s geographic reach is the Western United States and Northern Mexico.
  • Onsite is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.


  • Onsite is looking for talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our team.
  • Please send us your resume
  • Current openings are:
Title Description Qualifications
Project Engineer This is a key position responsible for the management and delivery of energy projects for Onsite.  These energy projects will include the management of the installation and retrofitting of industrial process facilities to make them more energy efficient.
Duties include:
-Energy project installation and construction activities.
-Energy project savings verification activities.
-Energy monitoring system installation and on-going maintenance activities.
-Energy incentive rebate program collection and administration.
BS or MS in IE or ME. Experience in construction project management in an industrial facility environment.  Knowledge of energy intensive systems management in a manufacturing process environment (i.e. boilers, refrigeration, compressed air, vfd’s etc). Experience in 6-S, statistical process control or TQM programs.
Energy Engineer Responsible for industrial process energy analyses focused on improving the energy efficiency of industrial process facilities. Duties include:
-Customer site surveys to determine process energy flows and design requirements for energy efficiency measures ("EEM's").
-Develop and publish analysis reports detailing technically and economically feasible EEM's recommended for implementation.
-Detailed design of facility EEM's.
-Coordinate with Project Management personnel to provide technical support during installation of recommended EEM's.
BS or MS in IE or ME. Experience in energy intensive systems management in a manufacturing process environment (i.e. boilers, refrigeration, compressed air, vfd’s etc).  5+ years in energy service including extensive experience in construction project management and utility incentive rebate programs. Experience in 6-S, statistical process control or TQM programs.  CEM Preferred. 


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